Posted by: danzierlea | January 6, 2012

Schrody, Schrody, Schrody…

I will say right now that I’m fascenated by all things that spin off the idea of Schrodinger’s Cat experiment. There’s a lot of spinoff and spoofyness. I’ll add a link list to a few of my favorites at the end of this post.

BUT FIRST…I will enter the realm of the really really out there wierd and wacky. Hold on to your hats.

Dan Shive wrote a tumblr blog post about Zelda timelines. I like Zelda games, although I’ve only played about four of them (not my fault). So I read the blog post… and found the MOST EXCITING PHRASE OF THE NEW YEAR!!!!

It is: ” So basically, it’s Schrodinger’s timeline. It is in a superposition of both states of existing and not existing until you open up Miyamoto’s computer hard drive and collapse the wave function.”

Why is this exciting? Let me count the ways!

1. It’s got Schrodinger in it.

2. It’s got overlapping timelines (just you wait till I geek out on that!)

3. It uses the Schrodinger idea properly (that is, superposition of both states, not a simple “we don’t know which so it’s both”)

4. It allows ME to sabotage the computer of the guy who runs Nintendo (fun to think about, but this is a big red-letter “don’t try at home” moment)

5. I like to picture a wave function collapsing.

6. The wave function collapsing should destroy the idea of the timelines involved in the Schrodinger’s Timeline Debacle.

7. This one’s complicated. I’m a dedicated Wapsi Square reader ( and it’s 2012. There’s this discussion in pop culture about some Mayan timeline calendar thingus that I’ve heard of vaguely. There was a tv show on last week about how the Mayans built their calander as an endless loop system (Loop, Endless: see Endless Loop —->Endless Loop: see Loop, Endless). I suspend my disbelief consciously  when contemplating the Orange Slices Alternate Realities Theory: Multiple versions of reality, all a little different, stacked next to each other, go endlessly in both directions from our own and eventually meet in the middle, forming a circle or “orange”.

Got all that? (If you read all the wapsi archives, welcome back! If not, just the first eight-or-so years should do ya for this story 😉 )

Now… Add Schrodinger’s Timeline. You may have to briefly embrace the Orange Slices Alternate Realities Theory to see where this is going…

Possible result: if I collapse the Nintendo Guy’s computer’s wave function, the orange will explode. The universe’s survival depends on the survival of a wave function (which provides a superimposition of existing and nonexisting Zelda timelines), which is stored in a computer which I may choose to not destroy. Not only is the universe’s survival on my shoulders, but Nintendo literally cannot answer the question of whether there’s a Zelda timeline, lest they incur my compu-destructive wrath by answering incorrectly. MWAahahahahahha!!

Yes, yes I did. I told you “really really out there”, didn’t I? Promise kept. I now return you to your regularly scheduled reality. Have a nice day.

NOW: The promised links. : Dan Shive’s Tumblr. : Dresden Codak. I also like ancient Egypt. Yeah not so big on the sparkly flower cat… but it’s funny. I ALSO like SG-1. I am sad that it ended but I know about series writing, and there wasn’t much further they could have taken it. Remember, if it’s already aired, IT’S CANON. This is just fun. On the subject of timelines… You must read this book. It’s a starting point… or rather, a jumping-off place. 😀



  1. you may not have noticed, but in response to your remark that the Terence Hill films i mentioned sounded interesting, i remarked that, even though they’re not in the PD any more, though they apparently were, someone might have copies they could provide..

    (I clicked on the “Notify me of follow-ups” box so if you respond to this comment, i’ll see it.).

    • I hadn’t noticed. I went back and checked, and it looks to me like Julie has first dibs–but put me on the waiting list please! 😀 I’ll send an email to the listed from my gmail–you may recognize the username. Thanks!

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